Are You Sexy and Confident Enough to Wear A Cleopatra Costume?

Can you carry off a Cleopatra costume? Personally, I would love to dress up as Cleopatra the Egyptian symbol of beauty, femininity and mystique. Even though her features were nowhere near branding packaging clear band 3D mink lashes , her aura and charisma won many hearts over including those of Marc Antony and Caesar.

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Loutn The enduring image of Cleopatra for many is the one created by Elizabeth Hurley, another symbol of beauty, in the classic movie ‘Cleopatra’. The scene where she emerges out of an unfurled carpet has long since characterized the enigma that Cleopatra creates. Elizabeth Taylor’s rendition of Cleopatra is also timeless.

A Cleopatra costume is the perfect outfit for the holiday of Halloween because it allows you to be sexy and flirty without anyone judging you. A Classic Cleopatra costume could be created by using any White sheet which could be tied in Egyptian Toga style. If that is not possible a simple white gown could be altered with a slit at the side.

Other colors which can be used as a gown are gold, yellow, burnt orange or even black. A Golden, or any metallic, wide belt at the center of the dress would complete the look. If the belt is not available a golden or silver piece of fabric could be tied around the waist as a Sash. And using a sheer fabric as a cape would accentuate the sensuality of the costume.

Hair and makeup are essential parts of any Cleopatra costume. All Cleopatra images show her as an Auburn beauty with poker straight shoulder length black hair with sharp bangs. This look can either be recreated using your own natural hair or by wearing a Cleopatra wig. And if you wanted to put a modern spin on Cleopatra’s look, a similar branding packaging clear band 3D mink lashes with blonde or red hair would be striking.

A Cleopatra look requires a no make up look with the maximum emphasis on eyes. A foundation base with concealer to hide all blemishes and a Bronzer would do the trick for the face. Eyes would be defined with black eyeliner which should be extended for a Cat eye look. Smoky eyes should be created using heavy Mascara or fake branding packaging clear band 3D mink lashes . Lips should be tinted with a nude colored gloss or a Scarlet color to dramatize the whole look.

Accessories and jewelery for the Cleopatra costume can either be bought from a thrift store or fashioned out of colored foil and other materials like beads, charms etc – even your children’s jewelry might work, depending on what your daughter has in her collection of costume jewelry. The focus point of the jewellery should be a large metallic neckpiece which should be elaborate and larger than life – just like Cleopatra.

One can also create armbands or shoulder pieces to add to the Cleopatra style. If you have anything with a snake like motif, or armbands that are gold in color, even better. A headpiece made from either a neckpiece or dangling chains will highlight the appearance and would be a dramatic accent to the hair. Gladiator style footwear will be the final touch for the perfect Cleopatra costume.

branding packaging clear band 3D mink lashes
branding packaging clear band 3D mink lashes

Most importantly, no one can carry off a Cleopatra outfit  unless they also imbibe the natural confidence, the innate sensuality and the subtle power that her personality possesses. So bring out your fierce side, act “royal”, snobby and even a little entitled and you will be Cleopatra. And have fun wearing a Cleopatra costume this Halloween. Want to learn more Cleopatra costume tips – then visit: branding packaging clear band 3D mink lashes

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