21 Weeks of Being Pregnant

Day 147 marks the start of your 21st week of being pregnant. You still have a long way to go but you’re most likely settled now with your pregnancy. You’re way pass the morning sickness stage and now focus on childbirth methods, breast-feeding and the likes. Reading pregnancy books can help you and your partner in making decisions. You can also ask your mom, your partner’s mother, your best friends or any woman close to you that already birthed a child and that you can trust. There are a lot of pregnant women out there and sometimes you get pregnant the same time one of your close relative or friend  alibaba eyelashes extension professional  is.

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Loutn By week 21, the alibaba eyelashes extension professional  and eyebrows of the baby continuously grow. Your baby now sleeps and wakes up in a somewhat consistent schedule. If he or she is not sleeping, you may feel him or her kicking. By this period, your baby can still move around the amniotic fluid, which he or she can’t do anymore towards the end of the second trimester where the baby starts to settle in his or her position for the delivery. Starting this week, the amniotic fluid that primarily acts as a cushion for the baby takes another role for the growth of your child. Because the intestines are developed enough during this stage, small amounts of sugar from the amniotic fluid can add to the nourishment of the baby. The sugar from the fluid will be swallowed and passed through the digestive system and then to the large bowel. So aside from the main source of nourishment, which is the placenta, the amniotic fluid adds another source of sustenance to the baby.

Week 21 also marks the beginning of bone marrow contributing to the blood cell formation. This is due to the fact that by this period the bone marrow spaces are developed enough to do the job. By the third trimester the bone marrow will be the primary blood cell site production as the spleen will stop the production when you hit your 30th week of pregnancy, and the liver that also produce blood cell will stop few weeks before the childbirth. By the end of this week, your baby’s crown to rump measurement is roughly 19 cm. The baby should also weigh about 350 to 425 grams now.

For mom, this is probably the time where you and your partner have chosen your preferred method of alibaba eyelashes extension professional  . You need to discuss this with your doctor beforehand to avoid complications. Furthermore, this is the stage where you are being advised of different myths about pregnancy. And though you may or may not believe any of this, it’s still your primary responsibility to make you and your baby healthy.

For dad, though some first time moms hire labor assistants, it’s still best if you get involve with the childbirth. Don’t panic; remember that if other dads can do it, so can you. Besides you don’t want to miss this one and leave your partner alone, right alibaba eyelashes extension professional  ?


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