If You Wear Makeup You Are Inviting Cancer Into Your Body

Before most women leave their house in the morning they have rubbed, sprayed and applied over a 100 different chemicals on their bodies and most of these chemicals are very toxic. This may sound shocking, even terrifying, but it’s true. Now you may be checking the labels on your skin cream right now and see that it has the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval rating of being “safe for human use” but all that means is that when they tested the product it didn’t give their subjects a terrible rash or made them break out in hives. It in no way takes into account the products long-term effects on people’s internal health. No research has been conducted on the synergistic effects of the chemicals found in everyday skin care products. Manufactures continue to use phthalates in your perfume, alumin chloride in your deodorant and chlorhexdine in your antibacterial soap. These ingredients make for deadly ODM eyelash extension bed camellia lashes .

ODM eyelash extension bed camellia lashes
ODM eyelash extension bed camellia lashes

Loutn Now your may be thinking to yourself, but my products say “Natural” so they must be safe. Products nowadays are full of words like “Pure and Natural” “Mother Nature Approved”, but be aware, there are no standards for the word “natural” and natural certainly doesn’t mean organic, though marketers are hoping this is what you will think. Any product can say “natural” or say contains “natural ingredients” if even one of the ingredients has not been significantly altered or submitted to any process that significantly alters the original physical, chemical or biological state. So, if your shampoo or body lotions contain extracts from cranberries it can be called “ODM eyelash extension bed camellia lashes “.

Many of the unpronounceable ingredients on the backs of your lotion, shampoo and conditioner bottles are “generally recognized as safe” are known as GRAS, this is because no chemical long-term testing has taken place. Be your own advocate and check for these ingredients to avoid:

Formaldehyde: a carcinogenic toxin found in nail products, hair colouring, false ODM eyelash extension bed camellia lashes adhesive, shampoo and countless other beauty products.

Fragarnce/Parfum: “fragrance” means “hidden chemicals” like high levels of phthalates and artificial musks. It causes headaches, asthma, allergies and can affect the nervous system.

Lead: found in lipstick and hair dye. It is a known carcinogen and hormone disruptor. You must avoid lead!

Mercury: a heavy metal that is still in many mascaras and eye drops. It is linked to neurological impairment, and negatively affects brain development.

Mineral Oil: this one may surprise you as so many people think mineral oils are good – wrong! It is a clear, cheap, colourless oil by-product of petroleum. Mineral oil is the main ingredient in baby oil, lip-gloss, lipsticks, foundations and moisturizers. Mineral oil acts like plastic wrap on your body and doesn’t allow your body to release toxins.

Parabens – shampoos, shaving creams, moisturizers and toothpaste. Parabens are linked to endocrine disruption, immunotoxcity, reproductive toxicity and increase the risk of breast cancer.

ODM eyelash extension bed camellia lashes
ODM eyelash extension bed camellia lashes

Phthalates: found in perfumes, deodorants and lotions. Phthalates are linked to hormone disruptions, liver, kidney, lung damage and cancer.

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