How to Apply Mascara Without Clumping

Mascara lengthens your false eyelashes mink and makes them look much thicker. The effect is a long lush fringe of eyelashes that frames the eyes and makes a woman so much more beautiful. The idea is to use mascara to make lashes look so much longer and more lush than usual, so that people might think you are wearing fake lashes at first, then on closer examination, decide that you are blessed with naturally long, thick eye lashes.

false eyelashes mink
false eyelashes mink

Loutn If applying mascara gives you unsightly clumps on your false eyelashes, the effect is the opposite. You get a fake, harsh look that adds years too your face. Clumpy lashes are far from flattering. Better go without mascara than walk out of the house with ugly clumps on your lashes.

So how do you get clump free lashes that are long and lush?

One option is to wear false eyelashes. Another way is to apply mascara the way false eyelashes artists do — by jiggling your hand.

  1. Brush off excess mascara from the wand on a clean kleenex.
  2. Apply a coat of mascara, wiggling the wand left and right to separate the lashes.
  3. Run a clean, dry mascara wand (recycle one from an old tube of mascara but clean it first with false eyelashes mink remover) through the lashes
  4. Let the coat of mascara dry.
  5. Repeat to apply a second coat of mascara.
false eyelashes mink
false eyelashes mink

Lately, motorized mascaras have entered the market. The motorized wand vibrates mimicking the zig zagging action of the false eyelashes mink artist’s hand, separating the lashes so that the mascara does not clump.

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