Luscious Lips Are Just a Few Mineral Tricks Away!

Every woman knows that with mineral lipstick you can transform your entire look, feel and appearance easily and quickly. After all, lips are one of the most important focal points on your face so pay some extra attention to these “customized mink eyelashes loving” areas.

customized mink eyelashes
customized mink eyelashes

Loutn Lipstick can help your customized mink eyelashes tone look balanced and also accentuate your smile and add some spirit and cheer to your face. One of the best ways to protect your lips from the harsh climate changes is to pick a lipstick which offers sun protection and moisturizers too.

Here are some infamous lip-tricks for you straight from Hollywood experts:

1. As you start off your customized mink eyelashes and add some loose mineral powder to your face, use some over the lips too so that you have a base for your lipstick and lip liner.

2. Use a sharp lip pencil to trace a fine line around the contour of your lips; do this keeping your mouth closed. If you use a blunt pencil, blending can be a wee bit difficult. Start from the “V”region of your top lip and move outwards towards the lip corner with short strokes. If you seem to lack control, rest your hand comfortably on your chin. Once you have drawn the outline for the top lip start from the middle of the bottom lip and move outwards. Remember to follow the natural lip line; don’t move out of your lip borders.

3. If you want to make your lips look larger, use the customized mink eyelashes pencil to draw on the outer edge of the natural lip line; do not go over it. To bring down the size of your lips a few notches, follow the inside of the natural lip line.

4. For those of you who wonder how lipstick can stay on for hours, here is the secret trick: fill up your lip with lip liner before you apply the lipstick. Remember that if you are going to use this technique, a dark lip liner can actually darken your lipstick’s look. Therefore, if you want a natural look, use a light colored liner or for a sultrier look, pick dark shades.

5. Now that lips are filled to their border, use a lipstick brush to apply lipstick. The only reason in favour of using a lip brush is that you get better control. Once you have applied your lipstick, use a tissue across both customized mink eyelashes to blot; this should be done with your lips closed.

With such pretty and perfect lips you can walk out with a confident smile. Keep dabbing some extra and touching up during the day if you want to. If you are just starting out with lipstick, it might take a bit of while before you stop “eating”up your lipstick. There’s good reason for you to get used to lipstick simply because your lips become softer with use. Keep smiling!

customized mink eyelashes
customized mink eyelashes

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