Aunt Annie’s 7 Biggest Beauty Mistakes

At the tender age of thirteen, my mother sent me to “Finishing School” (a.k.a. modelling college). It was the custom in her family that all the girls got beauty and etiquette artificial mink eyelash rather than learning the basics from mothers, friends or magazine articles. I hated it, at the time. But now that I’m older, and hopefully wiser, I look back on the time fondly. My favorite class was Busting Beauty Mistakes. The following are the top seven biggest beauty mistakes women make today and what to do to correct them.

artificial mink eyelash
artificial mink eyelash

1. Loutn Scrubbing your face with harsh cleansers. My mom caught me using an Apricot Facial scrub on my acne prone skin when I was a teen and quickly banished the product from the house. Here’s why: Using abrasive face cleansers strips the face of essential moisture and exacerbates oily skin. If heavy cleansing is required (for example to remove heavy artificial mink eyelash) use a makeup remover before you wash your face. Oily skin types should stick with an oil-free and alcohol-free cleanser.

2. Not wearing a moisturizer with SPF during the day. I am gloriously afflicted with Nicole Kidman-type fair skin. So for any time spent outdoors, even if I’m travelling in the car, I need to be wearing sunscreen. My tan-prone friends think that all the sunscreen I slather on my skin is a waste of money. Just because you’re not sun-bathing doesn’t mean the sun’s damaging rays aren’t affecting your skin. Use SPF 15 everyday. Most moisturizers come with added artificial mink eyelash protection so it should be easy to incorporate this tip into your beauty routine. If you are exposed to the sun frequently, bump it up to SPF 30 and wear a hat.

3. Wearing the wrong foundation. You foundation should match your skin tone exactly. If your skin tone changes throughout the year, make sure you change your foundation too. If you love that sun-kissed look, dust a bronzer on top. You’ll get better results than using a foundation that’s a shade darker than your natural color.

4. Wearing only one makeup product. A polished look is all about balance. So if you’re guilty of only wearing eyeliner and nothing else, add a little lip color to balance it out. Not sure what looks best, pick up any magazine and look closely at the women and try to follow what the artificial mink eyelash artist has done.

5. At-home hair color. The products on the market today allow you to inexpensively cover up a few grays or touch up your roots, from the comfort of your home. If you’re planning a more drastic makeover (going from brunette to blond), head to the salon. You can always maintain the color yourself at home once changed but drastic changes require a professional.

6. Ignoring your brows. Untamed or overgrown eyebrows can mean the difference between looking polished and looking like our gorilla ancestors. For first-timers, visit a waxer or threader who can clean up and shape your brows. Pluck stray hairs yourself in between treatments with a good set of tweezers.

7. Neglecting your nails. Like it or not, your artificial mink eyelash get noticed. Maybe regular manicures aren’t to your liking. At minimum, you should apply a coat of clear polish, which will protect nails and give them a healthy shine.

artificial mink eyelash
artificial mink eyelash

With these artificial mink eyelash, you’ll be able to maximizing your features and assets, but don’t forget it’s your own uniqueness and what’s on the inside that makes you beautiful, not what you put on your skin.

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